2013 Art Direction & Design Reel

Advertising highlights in art direction and brand identity development for television, print and online media.

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Branding Hawaiian Heritage

'Ohana Harbor Coffee

Traditional imagery, a bit of culture coupled with a contemporary look and style brings a taste of Hawai’i to the masses.

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Space within Reach

Planetary Resources

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The asteroid mining visionaries, Planetary Resources led the charge in early 2012 with the audacious plan to mine asteroids for precious resources. LEO—The world’s first personal space telescope is the vehicle to help reach that goal.

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Brand Identity

Marks from Past Projects

The thing about logos is it’s literally the tip of the proverbial iceberg. A successful mark represents a voice, tone, mannerism, color—a spirit. It’s brand story may begin with the mark yet, there are many more attributes that make it grow and be sustainable.

  • derek

Small Shop. Big Brand.

Union Jack Amplification

The beauty of UJA, aside from their products, is everything is crafted and fine-tuned by hand. And with big name musicians looking for a big, boutique sound, UJA is at the top of their list.

The 30 Second Story

Highmark Direct

The East Coast insurance carrier has you covered at every stage of your life.

Co-Art Director: Becky Gelder
Copywriter: Kevin Platt

  • Folder Cover

Hey, counter-culture. Meet academia.

EMP Museum

How do you introduce everything that defines rebellion, to a world that is in charge of defining it?